Hopp til hovudinnhald

Participant Training

Norec offers training and guidance for participants before, during, and after their work exchanges. The trainings prepare participants for work and life in a foreign culture. Trainings also guide participants through how they can apply their learning and competence when they return home.

Preparatory Training

The Preparatory Training is compulsory for all participants in Norec’s partnership program and consists of two parts. First, complete a digital training covering the rights and responsibilities of Norec participants and other important considerations that will help you prepare for your work exchange.

Next, prior to your exchange, meet other participants for a one-week preparatory training. Some trainings in 2022 will be conducted digitally.

The Preparatory Training will cover the following modules:

  • Life as a Norec participant
  • Communication during your exchange
  • Intercultural adjustment in your new role
  • Health, security, and welfare
  • Global understanding

Find our next planned trainings under upcoming trainings, and register through your partner organisation. It is the partner organisations’ responsibility to ensure that participants have stable internet access, reliable equipment, and a dedicated space to use during the digital trainings. For the on-site trainings, partners will take care of travel to and from the course destination, with room and board covered by Norec.


Homecoming Training

The homecoming course is required for all Norec participants. Normally we invite all participants who are returning from their work exchanges to one of Norec’s course destinations in Africa, Asia, or Latin America. In 2022, the homecoming courses may be offered remotely.

The course will follow the following modules:

  • Identifying experiences and new learning
  • Sharing new knowledge
  • Homecoming and reintegration: challenges and opportunities
  • Global understanding

For in-person courses, room and board will be covered by Norec, while travel costs are included in the project supplement covered by the partner. If the course is offered digitally, it will be the partner organisations’ responsibility to ensure stable and reliable internet access for participants during the course.