The Afya Bora project aims to improve utilisation of clinics in marginalised communities in Kenya and Uganda. The partners collaborate to reopen and staff old health clinics in rural areas left by the former colonial rulers. These clinics are placed in marginalised communities  where there are either insufficient resources to offer healthcare services or it is challenging to find qualified professionals. The areas lack sufficient services to prevent and treat communicable diseases.  Through this exchange the participants will offer primary heathcare services in these communities. Furthermore, the young professional health workers will train locals in basic healthcare, thus securing continuation.

The overall goals of the project are improved preventive health education and services for maternal and child health; improved preventive health education and services for HIV and Hepatitis B; improved knowledge of malaria prevention in project placements; improved hygiene and sanitation; improved nutrition for children under 5 years of age and breastfeeding mothers; updated guiding principles for health facility management; developed capacity in managing community development projects; increased knowledge and practice of community directed intervention (CDI) projects; and improved professionalism in cross-cultural settings.