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Norec supports around 90 projects annually. Here you can search the project database and read more about the projects we support.

Current projects

The Collective-Based Insurance Capacity Building project (CBI-CB)

Programme for Community Development


Global Entrepreneurs Exchange Programme (G.E.E.P)


Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua (UNAN)

Promotion of traditional handicrafts of rural women in India and Nepal

Organic Farming Promotion Programme

Flora Upper Secondary School (FUSS): Triangular Cooperation in Vocational Skills and Entrepreneurship Training

Uganda – Norway Software and IT Exchange Programme


YESS Girls Movement

Tuko Pamoja

Connect 2019-2020

Youth Take The Lead

Continuous Learning for Impact — Mobilising Action Through Exchange (CLI-MATE)

Youth Empowerment

SMILE – Sharing Meaningful Initiatives on Leadership and Empowerment

Mutual Learning for Improving Health and Nutrition Scenario

Youth in Asia: Sharing Action

Development of Youth Leaders to Engage in SRHR


Students’ Rights, Academic Freedom and Equitable Higher Education

Youth Sport Exchange Programme (YSEP)

Young Spirit

Solidarity Brigades

Youth Participation in Socio-Economic and Political Decision-Making

MOVE (Musicians Organizers Volunteer Exchange)



Communication for Change (CFC)

AYESE 2018 — Action for Youth in Sustainable Environment and Empowerment

Fair Trade Group Nepal

Strømmestiftelsen Act Now 2021-2022

Children with hearing loss. Early intervention for education and social life in Malawi and Norway

Promoting Sexual & Reproductive Health Education Through Exchange Expertise

Improving Quality of Leprosy and Disability Services

Enhancing HIV and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Info and Services for Adolescents and Young People

Khulna Mukti Seba Sangstha (KMSS)

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: A Holistic Approach

WAVE Foundation

Performing Arts Development for Youth Employment 2021-2022

Royal Hairstyles Training Academy and Salon

Music Matters -PULSE 3

A Tripartite Collaboration in Traumatology and Emergency Care

Improved Treatment in Internal Medicine, Paediatrics and Drug Addictiction

Health Communication and Education through Participatory Learning Models using Community Radios

Improved Newborn Care Programme 2017-2022

Blantyre-Oslo Surgery Programme

Community-Based Health Care Services and Leadership Training

EYE-FX Eye Education Foreign Exchanges

Namsaling: Asia-Africa Rural Private Sector Development

Fundated: Cooperation on Psychosocial Treatment in Central America