Musicians and Organizers Volunteer Exchange (MOVE) is an exchange program between JM Norway and sister organizations Music Crossroads in Malawi and Mozambique, and the organization Projeto Guri in Brazil. The program exchanges youth with musical and organizer competence, empowering them with new tools and intercultural understanding to enrich the participants as well as their local cultural communities.

Youth and young people are rarely seen as leaders within the music industry, and the MOVE project wishes to counteract actively by providing leadership training and experience, and indirectly by promoting young people as role models, and nurturing an interest in social issues in the communities they work in.

The MOVE project also believes that music and culture is a unique tool in the work to counter the persistent gap in access to opportunities and decision-making power between women and men. By actively recruiting female and non binary participants, providing training in gender equality, and lastly encouraging the implementation of projects working with gender equality (such as the LOUD Girls Rock Camp), the MOVE project seeks to take on the issue of gender equality, as well as inspire further work outside the MOVE framework.