The project is focused on enhancing youth leadership across Nepal, South Africa, and Tanzania. The main purpose of the exchange is to provide a platform for youth to demonstrate their leadership skills and create positive impact within their organisations and their communities. The project focuses on three main areas: advocacy, alumni engagement, and civil society organisations (CSO) collaboration.

Restless Development invests in, supports and engages young people through youth leadership and partnerships to create transformative, youth-driven change. The Restless Development Hubs in Tanzania, South Africa and Nepal have identified areas to be strengthened in their internal operations in order to increase the meaningful engagement of young people and the inclusion of their voices in civil society and decision-making spaces. Restless Development Tanzania has a key strength in alumni engagement, Restless Development Nepal has a strong background and experience in CSO management, Restless Development South Africa has a strength in CSO coalitions, and all three hubs practice advocacy in a variety of different ways. Each partner will capitalise on the individual key strengths and shared experiences of their partner organisations to improve advocacy, CSO mobilisation and alumni engagement through this exchange project.