The exchange programme Tuko Pamoja exchanges participants between Fredrikstad School of music, dance and performing art, Associação Cultural Mono (AC Mono) in Mozambique and Associação do Jongo Dito Ribeiro / Casa de Cultura Fazenda Roseira (JDR Fazenda Roseira) in Brazil.

As a whole, the project aims to develop and strengthen cultural education, and increase the quality of teaching in music, dance and circus arts. Promoting diversity of cultural expressions and access to culture for all are driving forces in this project. By teaching culture subjects to children and youth, the partners are giving youth the possibility to develop their skills in music, dance, circus and visual arts, and to develop their leadership skills.

All exchange participants are trained to run workshops, and invited to share their new art and music skills in local productions. Further, participants will develop and strengthen pre-existing networks within the local communities through outreach programs.

The youths» new and improved skills in art, will benefit the participants themselves, and will also make a difference for local organisations and communities. The participants will implement new curricula with a focus on quality of teaching.

All three partners are using art and culture as tools to achieve diversity and inclusion.

Kulturskolen i Fredrikstad will develop a pilot trainee programme, and AC Mono will develop a social and professional network of teaching and performing arts institutions around Maputo, enabling them to strengthen their education programmes in music and dance and providing them with skilled teaching artists. AC Mono will also develop their staff’s leadership abilities and promote the partnership with local and external institutions for increased visibility and exposure. JDR Fazenda Roseira aims to develop a pedagogical program that ensure effective and regular training in various types of arts for youths.