Interact is an exchange program between Norges Kristelige Student- og Skoleungdomslag (NKSS) and partners in Brazil, Nepal, Colombia, Kenya and Madagascar. Through this program NKSS and their partners want all of their participants to take leadership responsibilities in the organization as well as in wider society. The exchange aims to increase the knowledge and ability among the participants to meaningfully engage with cross cultural issues.

The partnership has developed a results framework focusing on developing strategies to ensure that more volunteers remain active within their home organisations after their return. The partner organisations benefit the most from the Interact project when more young people remain involved and engaged with their organisation, so their focus is therefore to better ensure long-lasting engagement among youth in their organisation, as well increase ownership of the project within their organisations.

They also plan to pursue the possibility of digital interactions between youth from different organisations, with the aim to use these platforms to aid in leadership training, raising awareness and knowledge about different global challenges and building bridges between different cultures.